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The Big News for 2021 is that Nantucket will re-open this year! Bronzing at the beach, books store buys and banana splits from the Juice Bar as usual…well, not quite, but we’ll make a stab at it. Looking at this year’s pictures, I see plenty of sand and sea still embracing the island, so get out there, and when in doubt, spend!

Looking backward to 1686, the April photo of the Jethro Coffin “Oldest House” should remind you to put the Historical Association on your to-do list, not only for site visits but seasonal shopping at NHA.org. Another shout out goes to the Conservation Foundation, walking its thousands of acres was a godsend for stressed islanders last year, both physically and mentally. What discoveries were made – north, east, south and west. You don’t have to go far to discover August mallow. It’s right at the duck pond in town, ride your bike there on the still little-known bikeway that overlooks the Creeks. Now America’s shortest rail trail, the berm that forms the pond is an artifact of the Nantucket Railroad, whose brief heyday came to a close with World War I.

The heyday of April daffodils began with the efforts of Jean MacAusland in the mid-’70s, with hundreds of thousands of bulbs planted in following years. There’s a feeling now that too many along town roadsides have succembed to mowing, and the passage of time. So expect a welcome bloom of revival there as well. Revival – we’re on our way.

As ever, all the best.
Dick Mackay

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