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Hello Again…

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Hello Again,
As predicted, real Jaws is back and it’s not something we’re happy about. In November 2018 a great white shark attacked and tragically killed a surfer off a beach in Wellfleet on the Cape. This follows a bloody maelstrom seen close to Nantucket’s south shore some months before. Gray seals are everywhere here, and probably always will be, so pay attention to the signs put up at Town beaches: Do Not Swim With Seals.

On the June picture – yes the storm-tossed house on stilts at the head of Hither Creek is gone – but I couldn’t resist running it again. The work iconic is overused, but for a photographer this scene had it all. And a good share of the rest of Madaket is going out to sea with it. While the winter of ’18/’19 was without major blows, take a walk out past Fred Rogers Crooked House and you’ll see what I mean.
Smith’s Point is pretty well plucked, worse now than when I took the November picture, including Duck Inn’s boarded-up windows and missing quarterboard.

Sconset suffered little that winter, to include the 1880 Underhill cottages – see June. Around then the island was thinking small compared to the triplet Three Bricks of forty years earlier (May). By building those mansions, father Joseph Starbuck was showing off his whale oil fortune for his three sons, but who knew that kerosene was coming? Boomtown then, boomtown now, but is there anything on the horizon to slow down Nantucket’s runaway growth? It seemed so for a time last year, with an anti-development movement called Tipping Point raising cain and hope. But it wasn’t to be. In the meantime, East Brick is for sale for upwards of $20 Million, maybe a wind power magnate will buy it.

As ever, all the best.
Dick Mackay

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